Thick leather crafted


Thick leather (12″ x 12″) (3.5 mm) for crafts, tools, repair projects Medium brown / Heavy / Natural full grain leather /

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It is high quality leather, only the best, without holes, without unsightly marks that are not scratches or natural cuts of when the cow roamed the fields. All European Leather Works leather products are handmade from rustic, durable, full grain Leather and imported from Europe. Our full grain leather comes from the top layer of the skin and features all the natural features of full grain leather. It is the best skin you can buy and the only one we use for our projects. We are not only sellers of these leather pieces, but we make our products and realize our projects that must meet our years of experience and very high standards.

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Materials: Full grain leather, Cowhide, Natural leather, Genuine leather, Tool leather, Leather goods, Calf leather, Ethical source


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