Green algae nappa leather


Algae green nappa leather for making fashion garments, sewing clothes, do-it-yourself crafts, leather accessories, smooth green nappa leather

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Italian Lambskin Nappa leather in algae green Dar is suitable for all applications, including fashion garments, do-it-yourself crafts, jewellery, millinery, hatters and leather accessories such as shoe bag production, but can also be used for the car interior for sewing car seat covers. This leather has limited stretch with a nice pull-up effect and moderate texture.

Nappa is Italian leather tanned by the best manufacturers and their quality is guaranteed.
The leathers are soft and supple, which makes them very easy to work with, even for amateurs who want to make their own DIY projects for their homes.
Nappa leather is suitable for fashion such as shirts, waistcoats and other garments and for decorative projects for the home such as cushions and covers, upholstery for sofas and armchairs.

The heart and soul of this leather are soft, lustrous Nappa leathers, they are high quality lambskins. Nappa is dyed in a wide variety of colours to give you a wide range of options and is not only a durable and hard-wearing material, but also durable and resilient as it ages and develops.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Skin Type:



Seaweed green

Square metres:

0.80-1.00 m2

Square feet:

8.5-10.75 ft2


Will vary


0.7-0.8mm, on average






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