Beige Nappa leather


Beige Nappa leather, Napa leather for sewing and clothing, Fine leather, Premium leather, Soft leather

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Its texture is from very soft and supple lambskin, which makes it very easy to work with.
You can easily sew Napa leather with your sewing machine at home. Have a look at our online leather eshop where you can choose from a wide variety of leather colours.
If you like do-it-yourself leather projects, our Napa Leather is perfect for creating leather shoes, bags and garments.
In addition, you can use it for leather upholstery. Either on your cushions or furniture such as sofas and armchairs, or even for automotive upholstery for leather car seats.

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Materials: DIY leather, Beige Nappa leather, High-quality leather, Sewing leather

Leather type:



Chrome tan

Approximate dimensions:

0.80m²-0.95m² // 8.50sqft-10sqft


0.8mm-1mm // 1-2oz


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